1. As per the recent estimates of ministry of labour what will be the number of unemployed by the end of the Ninth Plan in India ?


2. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?


3. During the Seventh Plan Period, how much amount has been invested by the government for the beneficiaries of integrated Rural Development Programme and allied programmes (in Rs. Crore) ?


4. Before the commencement of the Eighth Plan, the population below the poverty line in India was about


5. Which of the following cities received a special aid Rs. 1000 Crores in Eighth Five Year Plan ?


6. The type of planning experimented between 1978 and 1980 is known as


7. How many thousand Crores of Rupees are unmarked for rural development during the Eighth Plan ?


8. Which of the following is not a feature of India’s economic planning ?


9. The Public Sector Outlay for the Seventh Five Year Plan was


10. The Seventh Five-Year Plan of India commenced in


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