Punjab GK & Current Affairs 2018 Question Answers .Culture, History, Industries, Economy in PDF notes. … Read the complete article to find out the history, economy, geographical significance.

History of Punjab

History of Punjab Guru Granth Sahib/Adi Granth:Adi Granth literally means”the first book”.This is the early compilation of the sikh scripture by guru Arjan,the fifth Sikh Guru in 1604.This Granth is the Holy scripture of the sikhs.The original copy of scripture called adi granth compiled and authenticated by guru arjan dev still exists today and is…

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Struggle For Freedom

Struggle For Freedom Takhts Singh Sahib Giani Gurdachan Singh Ji,Jathedar (Actiing) Sri Akal Takht Sahib,Sri Amritsar Singh sahib Giani Tarlocahan Singh Ji Jathedar Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib,Sri Anandpur Sahib Singh Sabha Giani Iqbal Singh Ji.Jathedar Takht Sri Patna Sahib,Patna Singh Sahib Giani Kulwant Isngh Ji,Jathedar Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib (Nanded), Maharashtra Singh Sahib Giani Balwant…

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Geography of Punjab

  Geography of Punjab   Introduction: Punjab is located in the nothwest of india surrounded by pakistan on the west, the indian states of jammu and kashmir on the north,Himachal pradesh on its norheast and Haryana and Rajastan to its south.Roughly triangular in shape, the states extend from 29degree 30N to 32degree 32N latitude and…

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