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FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS Originally seven Fundamental Rights were listed in the Constitution. However, after the 44th Amendment 1978 there are now only six Fundamental Rights.: 1. Rights of Equality 2. Rights of Freedom. It guarantees (i) Freedom of speech and expression (ii) Freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms (iii) Freedom to form associations and unions…

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AMENDMENTS OF THE CONSTITUTION 42 Amendment,(1976) it is called the mini constiution.THree word were introduced in the prreamble-SOCIALIST,SECULAR and INMTEGRITY. 44 Amendment,(1978): Gight to property was removed and the word internal disturbance was removed from article 352 and was replaced with arrived rebelion. 52 Amendment : Anti defection law. 61 Amendment: Voting age was reduced…

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JUDICIARY SYSTEM Judiciary: There shall be the Supreme Court of Indai which consists of the Chief Justice of Indai and 30 maximum other judges.The judges of the Supreme Court of India are appointed by the President in Consulation with the Chief Justice of India. Eligibility:He should be a citizen of India,he should be a judge…

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