GK (General Knowledge) is a vital segment in Every JOB Exam But it’s is Very Difficult.
On the off chance that u Mug up GK it will be in your mind only for 1 or 2 Days. At the point when Exam paper goes to your hand, Everything is Blank. along these lines, quit robbing up GK I’ll disclose to U Memory Tricks to retain GK Lifelong.
Companions I Analyzed 100+ past Exam Papers of all Government Exams like UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banks..etc. I Picked 50+ Most critical GK Topics that are Repeatedly asking in all Exams
My website is Explain Tricks to Remember these 50+ Topics. If U are Perfect with these 50+ Topics 100% Sure 90% Static G.K I’ll be Covered.
List of 50+ Most Important G.K Topics
1. state and International Boundaries
2. Caves, Valleys
3. Awards & their Field
4. Ocean Trenches
5. Lakes Place & its importance
6. Countries Currency & Capital
7. National & International Organisation Headquarters
8. state and its Festival
9. Temples, Mosques
10. Famous Palaces
11. Vocabulary
12. Waterfalls
13. Country Parliament Name
14. Tribal Groups
15. Physics, Biology, Chemistry Tricks
16. Bank Taglines & Headquarter
17. Sports Terms, persons
18. Indian states & Famous Dance
19. Stadiums
20. Airports
21. Railway station
22. Power plants
23. Discoveries
24. River Tributaries
25. National Parks
26. Dams on Rivers
27. Mountains
28. state wise area
29. Cities on Rivers
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Let us Learn G.K
Let me prove Learning GK is Interesting
Note:- Without Remembering GK U won’t get any JOB even Government Sweeper post it shows How important Static GK.
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