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Mates, I Analyzed 100+ past Exam Papers of all Government Exams like UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banks..etc. I Picked 50+ Most basic GK Topics that are Repeatedly asking in all Exams
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Rundown of 50+ Most Important G.K Topics

1. state and International Boundaries

2. Hollows, Valleys

3. Honors and their Field

4. Sea Trenches

5. Lakes Place and its significance

6. Nations Currency and Capital

7. National and International Organization Headquarters

8. state and its Festival

9. Sanctuaries, Mosques

10. Well known Palaces

11. Vocabulary

12. Cascades

13. Nation Parliament Name

14. Ancestral Groups

15. Material science, Biology, Chemistry Tricks

16. Bank Taglines and Headquarter

17. Games Terms, people

18. Indian states and Famous Dance

19. Stadiums

20. Air terminals

21. Railroad station

22. Power plants

23. Revelations

24. Stream Tributaries

25. National Parks

26. Dams on Rivers

27. Mountains

28. state astute zone

29. Urban areas on Rivers

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